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Brett's 10 minute complaint(10min)

Brett's Fraud concerns (7 min)


Funder and Kidder send a document

Recision thoughts:Uploaded 3/19/17

Possible staff implication of "on-them got-them" protection orders in different judicial districts than the staff have offices and live

More thoughts about Recision

A Pyramid scheme

Talking memo Kulkarni

Ethics concerns(version 2 installed 8:15am 10/25/16

What happened 2011? Uploaded:11/17/16

Thoughts about fraud in RIC1110397:Uploaded:2/6/17

Concerns about obstruction of justice using civil orders to hide fraud in RIC1110397:Uploaded:2/6/17

You did something wrong:Uploaded:2/7/17

Brett goes to Shutter Island:Uploaded:2/7/17

Staff Turnover concerns:Uploaded:2/24/17

step Vi thoughts:Uploaded:2/27/17

Abandonment and Cross Purposing obstruction of Justice:Uploaded:3/10/17

Bait and Switch:Uploaded:3/10/17

Summary:Possibilities of Fraud Overview:Uploaded:3/10/17

Sequence of events concerns:Uploaded:3/12/17

Ponzi or Legal?:Uploaded:3/17/17

Even a crook would complain

Staff Turnover concerns 2:Uploaded:3/19/17

Five possible felonies explained to "challenged" (Assistant) District Attorneys:Uploaded:3/19/17

How fraud scams involve hoodwinking of faculty: Uploaded 3/29/17

correction: Spielberg not Scorsese

Summary of points:Uploaded 3/29/17

Summary of "you did something wrong" points:Uploaded 4/1/17

hoowdwink or scrutiny:Uploaded 4/2/17

NOTES:(be sure to examine voice links above)

Note for Voice Memo 1:Protection orders have a different cost center for office removal costs than purchase orders. Purchase orders are paid for by Academic departments.

Is this a fraud scheme? Confirmation can be possibly made by confirming renewal of protection orders for dead faculty or staff at each campus. See list of people involved at fixitgate link.

William Kidders notes put into my HR file without a procedural safeguards? May have wrong information. They may have replicated the file in various places with erroneous information replicated. This information besmirches me while providing incorrect information around.

The UC system staff never disclosed to me all locations of the files (to all faculty)thus assuring mutual consistency with periodic mutual consistency checks. Faculty and staff and that have been severed by using misguided procedures that violate academic rights or employment law are particularly at risk.

Make sure investigation methods for voice memo 3 are disclosed in writing for each investigation and are mutually consistent with each other at each campus. Each investigation at all campuses should state methods and be consistent.

Watch for protection order renewals from UC with suspended Bar ID. All renewed orders can have dismissed lawyers if they are not checked. As the fraud ensues the lawyers may be disbarred for the felony misuse. A UCOP lawyer promoted to judge likely should not practice law on the bench concurrently. The renewals are a conflict of interest concern for the Judge. See RIC1110397 lawyers for those promoted to judge or have suspended Bar ID.

Watch for administrator's names (EVC/etc) on each campuses civil orders against the faculty/former faculty. Recall 18 USC 242 concerns. If you are doing a stupid thing the philosophy appears to be to take credit for it in the protection order. Check names. Administrator names include those mentioned in the Synopsis.

Whistlestop.pdf should be reviewed. Describes bogus interrogations and whistlestop tours of the victims instead of those that wrote the protection order and why.

If asked you can always say: "your career was a casualty to the legal brilliance at UCOP"