Speculations on the Use of Civil Law for Administrative Purposes in Tenure Denial Cases and firings without cause

--Create a policy for protection orders and distribute it

-- The philosophy document supports law enforcement's use of protection orders in the UC System

-- it is not case specific but the lawyers hand it out

--law enforcement allows administrative use of protection orders but looks the other way not investigating because it's "merely a civil order" not criminal

-- law enforcement brings paperwork to the 30 day commissioner. It appears to the judge or commissioner to be a legal need

-- Tenure denial decisions all have an "homage" as explained at brettfleisch.com that creates a protection order for the faculty member in most units on campus

-- in the final year of service office space reclamation uses protection orders as explained at "What is an homage?"

--Law enforcement use policy statement has a policy that the faculty member "can never come back". Used at resignations or tenure denial cases

--Legals appear when tenure is challenged and use the "homage" protection order as the overriding factor to not allow the tenure decision to be revoked if challenged

--the document the legals distribute has no relationship by established investigation that relates it to the faculty case

--this is a reason emeritus and nontenured get "homages"

--Non-tenured faculty that bring employment lawyers in can win in employment law challenges over University bylaws. This is because they have "no causes"; thus the "homages" are needed to deny reinstatement. The homage becomes "for law enforcement purposes" and for "protection" of the campus

Signatures in the chain of signatures includes law enforcement officers/personnel. This means the "homages" are needed for law enforcement reasons.

UC Lawyers paid from State salaries are justified for "homages" because law enforcement signed. Civil orders as "homages" are now the waste, fraud and abuse of the State. Meanwhile the lawyers think they are protecting the UC System and creating irrefutable legal orders for judges to sign to protect the University.

--"Bait and switch" rationale: the protection order is designed by/for administrators. Law enforcement signs off and brings the order over to the judge/commissioner and/or has control of it. It is handed in purportedly for "law enforcement" purposes

See also how "counts" could be possibly pumped up in "Pumping the Officer Counts" link on my web site

-- This is called a "confidence game". See "The Sting" clip on the main web page